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Virtualization Advisors Corporate Brand Guidelines

Virtualization Advisors, LLC counts our brand among our most valuable corporate assets. Brand attributes define Virtualization Advisors, and proper and consistent use of Virtualization Advisors's trademarks is vital to protect the Virtualization Advisors brands. These guidelines have been developed to help licensees and other third parties answer common questions about proper use of Virtualization Advisors's trademarks.

The status of Virtualization Advisors's trademarks is subject to change, and it may be necessary to revise these guidelines from time to time. It is your responsibility to comply with the most current version of these guidelines. Please refer to the VirtualizationAdvisors.com web site for updated versions of these guidelines.

If you are a licensee, you must consult your agreement with Virtualization Advisors for any additional or different requirements applicable to your use of Virtualization Advisors's trademarks. In the event of a conflict, the terms of your agreement control.


These guidelines are to help you identify the correct form for Virtualization Advisors's trademarks, properly give trademark notice using the symbols T and , and appropriately attribute Virtualization Advisors's trademarks with an attribution statement. These guidelines are also designed to answer commonly asked questions about the correct use of Virtualization Advisors's trademarks.

High Quality Standards

Virtualization Advisors only licenses its trademarks for use with goods and services that meet Virtualization Advisors's high quality standards. Virtualization Advisors reserves the right to object at any time to any use of its marks in connection with goods or services that, in Virtualization Advisors's sole opinion, fail to meet Virtualization Advisors's standards of quality.

Virtualization Advisors Trademark Use Guidelines

Always follow these ten rules when using Virtualization Advisors trademarks:

1. Trademarks are adjectives, not nouns or verbs. A trademark should never be used as a verb.

2. Never use the Virtualization Advisors trademarks in plural or possessive form.

3. Never alter Virtualization Advisors trademarks. Also, never shorten, abbreviate or use alternate spellings of Virtualization Advisors's trademarks.

4. Always distinguish a trademark from surrounding text.

5. Do not combine Virtualization Advisors trademarks with other trademarks or other words to form new trademarks.

6. Never alter Virtualization Advisors logos without authorization. All Virtualization Advisors logos must be reproduced from materials supplied by Virtualization Advisors. Each representation of the Virtualization Advisors mark should be consistent, undistorted, and clear. You may only use Virtualization Advisors's logos and stylized trademarks if you have obtained a written license from Virtualization Advisors and your use complies with such license.

7. Always provide proper attribution for our trademarks. For more information, see Attribution, below.

8. Never use Virtualization Advisors trademarks in jokes, puns or in a derogatory fashion.

9. Always follow all applicable marketing and legal guidelines. From time to time, Virtualization Advisors may modify the written guidelines for the size, typeface, colors and other graphic characteristics of any Virtualization Advisors logo and word marks, making it imperative to review all updates. You are subject to the guidelines as then in effect.

10. Advertising for products sold in association with any Virtualization Advisors trademark must not be in violation of any United States federal or state laws, municipal ordinances or administrative agency regulations, or any applicable laws, rules or regulations of any other country.


Proper use of trademark symbols

Which trademark symbol should be used?

Trademarks may be designated by two symbols: T for marks with pending applications to register and for unregistered common law marks, and for marks registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. For information on the proper symbol to use, please refer to the Virtualization Advisors Trademarks list. Please note that this list is updated frequently.

Where should the trademark symbol be placed?

The symbol is placed immediately after the mark, either in superscript or subscript. If the document cannot be typeset in superscript or subscript, the "TM" symbol may be set in normal type and enclosed in parentheses.

When should the trademark symbol be used?

Most prominent uses: A trademark symbol is required on all prominent uses of Virtualization Advisors marks, such as on packaging, brochures, labels, and headlines.

First use in text: A trademark symbol is required upon the first use of a Virtualization Advisors mark in text or body copy, even if the mark has appeared with a trademark symbol in the same piece, such as in a headline or other prominent use. A trademark symbol is not required for any subsequent use of a mark in the same text, unless use of the symbol would avoid ambiguity.

Logos: A trademark symbol is required with every use of a Virtualization Advisors logo.

Proper use of trademark attribution statements

In addition to proper use of trademark symbols, every use of a Virtualization Advisors mark must be accompanied by a statement attributing ownership of the mark to Virtualization Advisors. The attribution statement should appear in the following form:

"[List of Virtualization Advisors marks appearing in the piece] are trademarks of Virtualization Advisors, LLC and may be registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries."


In the U.S. and other jurisdictions, trademark owners have a duty to police the use of their marks. Therefore, if you become aware of any improper use of Virtualization Advisors's trademarks, including infringement or counterfeiting by third parties, report them to Virtualization Advisors's legal department immediately. Report as much detail as possible about the misuse, including the name of the party, contact information, and copies or photographs of the potential misuse.

Use of Virtualization Advisors Trademarks in Third-Party Product Names

Virtualization Advisors's trademarks may not be used by a third party as part of that party's product, service or trade name without an express written agreement from Virtualization Advisors permitting such use. Licensees must consult their agreements with Virtualization Advisors to determine whether and under what circumstances they can use Virtualization Advisors's trademarks in this way.

Virtualization Advisors's trademarks may be used to refer to Virtualization Advisors's products and services without an express license from Virtualization Advisors, provided that the Virtualization Advisors trademarks are not larger or more prominent than the rest of the surrounding text, no stylized Virtualization Advisors trademarks are used, proper marking and attribution is used for all Virtualization Advisors trademarks, a conspicuous disclaimer is used indicating that any third party goods or services are not sponsored or endorsed by Virtualization Advisors, and there is nothing else in the use of the Virtualization Advisors trademarks that would lead the consumer to believe that there is an association with Virtualization Advisors that does not exist.

Program Trademarks

Virtualization Advisors owns several trademarks (including both word marks and logos) that support various Virtualization Advisors programs (e.g. Virtualization Advisors Partner NetworkT). Unless you are a licensed participant in a program, you may not use the trademark for that program (in word or logo form) to claim or imply participation in the program. Refer to your agreement with Virtualization Advisors for more information on proper use of Virtualization Advisors program marks.

Domain Names, Meta tags, and Hidden Text

You may not incorporate Virtualization Advisors's trademarks in any domain name or in any Meta tag or other hidden text in a Web page. Violators may be prosecuted.

Search Engine Marketing

In an effort to control widespread misuse of its marks, Virtualization Advisors reserves the right to restrict the use of its trademarks in any form of search engine marketing or advertising.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding Virtualization Advisors's trademarks, you may contact Virtualization Advisors's legal department.


These guidelines are not a definitive statement of proper trademark use. Virtualization Advisors reserves the right to oppose any use of its trademarks that Virtualization Advisors, in its sole discretion, deems unlawful or improper, even if such use is not expressly prohibited hereunder. Virtualization Advisors further reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time, without notice.

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